Cris in Motion

Felt something?

In the middle of the night,

eyes are open tight,

seldom blinking while mind is digging,

a thought of something, heartbeat is pounding.


That feeling that you can’t resist,

A feeling that still persists,

even how many days,

even how many nights, it stays.


There are times, it’s gone.

You thought it ends and just gone.

But, when something reminds it,

It jumps like a speed of light.

Came back to you again and you feel so bright.


You smile on your own,

You dreamed even in morn.

You feel everything was right,

every light shines so bright.


Then when the darkness falls,

The one you think these days is lost.

You just can’t see what it really cost,

You just panicked and cry like you’re lost.


Things are so mean, simple things which means,

Simple but means a lot,

Sometimes it’s just something you’ve only got.

You fight for it, you cry for it, you’d do everything just for it.

But this thing in many ways, you can’t understand even a little bit.


Movies always have it, some musics are sung for it.

In real life, where is it? You had it, you feel it.

But then, it’s just a wish that someone feels it too.

A love that you feel so true.

  • Lj

    March 6, 2013 10:59 pm

    ♥ Nice me hidden…part din pla pagkatao mo (lalim… :)

    • Cristopher Caducoy

      March 6, 2013 11:39 pm

      wagas anu?? buti nga ay nabuhay na ulit… 3weeks down yung database server ku… kakainis… de aku makapag-emote d2.. haha

      well… funny people hides pain behind smiles and laughter, the harder they laugh, more pain concealed.

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