Cris in Motion

Not a reason of Stopping

From the first place we decide,

We know we should glide,

However it’s a good or bad ride,

We expect everything in some positive way

and we forget to see negativity can stay.


We felt pain just like the rain,

The longer it stays, the colder it may.

But, if we learn to warm ourselves

with openness and acceptance,

We can recover from coldness we’ve suffered.


Pain is just a feeling of something we say that hurts.

We’ve been hurt because we dwell too much on things we loved.

Unexpectedly losing or failing will trigger the pain, then it will hurt eventually.

As long as we think of how hard it was for us.


If we know how we handle pain for ourselves,

that could be easier for us to move on.

Accept the fact and endure what it would cost you.

Just keep in mind, feeling pain is not a reason of stopping nor quitting.

It’s just a hurdle to jump ahead and make things goes on even it has obstacles.


The stronger you may become, the harder these pains will be too.

So keeping up strong, having harder pains come.

You will be more solid and hard but yet you understand why, so,

When an opportunity comes, you would wisely know if it will cause you pain

or it’s a gain……


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