Cris in Motion

Our Parents

From your first day until the day you can see,
the world, the big world is waiting thee.
Understand, grow, harness and live it free.

Full of love and care,
you can feel it everywhere.

Those arms never tiring to hold and guide,
embrace kept warmth for your chilling body.

Sweat never ending to give you food and love you deserve.
The immeasurable love they provide, yet sometimes, we can’t see.
These conditions that they kept hidden because all they want you to see,
no matter how hard it is, they are happy, they want you be happy.

The time will come we will rise,
from our own feet, here we are, just like we’re surprised.
The big world we imagined, still as big like we haven’t still seen.

We now can decide within,
think and create something.
We grow eventually, physically,
mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
We know how important things for us,
We know how good to have something we love,
someone we love.

Later we will have family,
We will have a child.
That time, you’ll understand,
your parents from where they stand.

Don’t make understanding them were the last words you’ll say,
on that time when their loving life has gone away.


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